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I want to lower my Zetec-S, what do I need to know Summary
I want to lower my Zetec-S, what do I need to know
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First off you need to know what suspension you have on your Zetec-S. The Zetec-S has shipped with two different rear setups, one with pigtail suspension and one with out. To tell whether your Zetec-S has pigtail suspension, take off one of the rear wheels and look as the suspension spring, if the coils decrease in diameter as they sprial up this is pigtail suspension. The difference in coil size will be visibly apparent. There are (at the time of writing) only two manfactures that produce suspension for the Zetec-S, this is Eibach (extremly expensive) or PI, they come in the flavour of -40mm (no visible difference) or PI -60mm (-50mm lowering).
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