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About was established for the growing community of Ford Fiesta Zetec-S owners, the idea to create a place where people could find information about the car, enjoy a community where they can share pictures, movies and discussions with other enthusiasts.

So far, the site has been a major success, with regular praise being received, this is also reflected by the number of users that come visit the site averaging over 1200 individual users per day. has undergone many changes since its launch, one of the biggest being in early 2001, where the site received a major overhaul, allowing for members of the site to update it, this fundamental change, kept the site fresh and new with content being regularly updated.

About the staff
Dave Walker originally coded and designed the latest version of in 2003. Dave now provides input where he can, but in whole his work is now focused on other projects.

Manangment of has now being passed over to the remaining 8 members of staff, even though some have moved to new cars such as the ST170, Focus RS and Ford Racing Puma! The staff team is now made up of 8 expereinced individuals who all excel in thier individual knowledge regarding the Fiesta Zetec-S, its modifications and cars in general.

The staff team all have full-time careers. Every effort is made in their spare time to make your expereience on an enjoyable and informative one. We do this purely out of pleasure of seeing our members gain expereince, understanding, make new friends and share experiences and opinions.

The team is made up by the following staff: Staff
Andrew ClarkedrewGlobal ModeratorContact Member
Colin PeachColinPGlobal ModeratorContact Member
Paul HartshornePaul HGlobal ModeratorContact Member
Adam ArnoldadamaModeratorContact Member
Adrian RamsayadioheadModeratorContact Member
Carolyn CurtiscazzymooModeratorContact Member
Chris Cottonzetec-ccModeratorContact Member
David AnsteedaveyboyModeratorContact Member
Edward BradburyEd BradburyModeratorContact Member
Jonny PriestleyJonookaModeratorContact Member
StephenStephenModeratorContact Member
Dave Walker*dabeDeveloperContact Member

If you have any compliments or complaints regarding, staff, other members or forum posts please contact us. Both Administrators and moderators will strive to answer any questions you may have as soon as possible.

If you are expereiencing any problems with the site or would like to raise any issues or comments, again please contact us and we will respond as soon as possible.

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